Abgendabelt: New series shows how births really are

Midwifery series shows what births really are like

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May 5th is World Midwife Day. A new mini-series would like to give an insight into the job and above all show one thing: how births really work.

Births are usually portrayed quite unrealistically in series and films. The children are born clean and clean after the mother has been in labor for a few minutes. Of course, the father of the child is always at her side. Complications? Almost never there actually. The new mini-series “Abgenabelt”, which was launched by Deutsche Hebammenhilfe, now aims to convey a more realistic picture of births and the profession of midwife – with the help of a charismatic protagonist and a good dose of humor.

What is “Abgenabelt” about

In the four-part dramedy series, the main actress Paula Kroh plays a midwife student who, as a single mother, tries to reconcile her career aspirations and her private life. She wants to help women to trust in their bodies and to be at their side with advice and action – even if their lives are very chaotic at the moment.

Uncut: baby on changing table

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It couldn’t be more authentic!

The series was created over three years under the umbrella of midwifery assistance and with the participation of many midwives who not only worked on the conception of the script and the set, but can also be seen in one or the other supporting role. A series can hardly be more authentic. That was also very important to Carolin Hutsch, who sits on the board of midwifery assistance and is a mother herself.

Carolin Hutsch

Carolin Hutsch, board member of the German Midwifery Aid

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“The fact that mothers give birth to their children while standing, squatting or in the birthing pool, with a partner present or without, is hardly shown in the film at the moment., she tells. “Our series shows that normality has innumerable faces. She encourages all women, above all, to look forward to the birth of their child with dedication, self-confidence and full of anticipation ”.

Watch the trailer now

You can already watch the trailer for the series at www.abgenabelt.de. It will soon be available on a major streaming platform. More detailed information is unfortunately not yet available, but will be published on the website as soon as possible. In any case, we are very excited and have already provided popcorn and chips!

sources used: German Midwife Aid eV