According to the study: A good relationship really needs that much sex

According to a study
A good relationship really needs that much sex

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Once a week, once a day, practically every hour? A study explains how much sex you really need in a good relationship.

It is a cliché that men think about sex every few seconds. How could they? After all, they wouldn’t be able to do anything because they would be constantly distracted. So how much sex does a good relationship really need? We clarify.

Men don’t want more sex than women

The team led by American psychologist Amy Muise from the University of Toronto asked more than 30,000 test subjects about their sex lives. Most were married or in a relationship. The result: Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman – those who live in a stable partnership are satisfied with sex once a week. In doing so, the scientists do away with the cliché once and for all that men need more sex than women.

Much does not bring much!

Interesting: The satisfaction of the couples increases with increasing sex frequency – but only up to once a week. In addition, this effect could not be seen. So having sex five times a week doesn’t mean the relationship is good. Well, then all Saturday night sex fans who are too tired for bed sports during the week can take a deep breath …

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