Adele: Music star gets an apology on TV

Music star gets an apology on TV

With “30” Adele celebrates great success again.

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Matt Doran apologized to Adele on his TV show. He called it a “terrible mistake” not to hear their album.

Australian TV reporter Matt Doran (37) has publicly apologized to Adele (33). The journalist made international headlines because he hadn’t heard the new album “30” before an exclusive interview with the singer. He called this failure a “terrible mistake”. After Doran admitted not knowing the whole work, the conversation was not cleared for publication, according to media reports.

His show “Weekend Sunrise” Doran now ended with a statement. On TV, he said he “insulted” Adele and apologized to the singer, her Australian fans and the broadcaster’s viewers. The story sparked “a barrage of abuse and ridicule” from around the world, he said. He “deserved” most of it.

“Most Important Email I Ever Missed”

Doran was flown to London for the interview with Adele ahead of the release of her fourth album, which he described as an “unspeakable privilege”. It would have been Adele’s only interview with an Australian broadcaster, it said.

He made the “terrible mistake”, Doran said, of assuming that he would not receive a copy of the album in advance, “because our interview was aired before it was released and Adele’s album was the industry’s most valuable secret”. The day after arriving in London, however, an email had come with a link to the album. He overlooked this e-mail: “The most important e-mail I have ever missed in my life by an absurdly long distance.”

Doran also said on the show that, contrary to media reports, Adele did not cancel the interview. The conversation lasted longer than agreed. In the 29 minutes in which he spoke to Adele, the singer was “profound”, “funny” and “open”. “But none of that matters because I insulted Adele by overlooking the link to the album, however I could justify it,” he explained. He wanted to tell the singer herself that he had never deliberately disregarded her: “I’m so sorry.”


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