After native RAR support on Windows 11, here is WinRAR’s answer

At the last Microsoft Build conference, a major announcement was made: native support for RAR files by Windows 11. This news, expected for decades, eliminates the need to use WinRAR to open these files. WinRAR reacted to this novelty.

While we were reviewing the latest in Windows 11 at Microsoft’s recent Build conference, a no less delectable detail caught our eye. One feature that we’re sure got muffled applause from all Windows users: native RAR file support.

Yes, you read correctly. You no longer need to resort to WinRAR, this essential utility whose trial version pop-up window has more persistence than chewing gum stuck under your shoe. Microsoft, with its boundless wisdom, has decided to give us what we’ve been waiting for for decades. What am I saying, what we always knew we wanted: to open .RAR files without the need for WinRAR.

The RAR format has been around for 30 years

It took Microsoft 30 years to implement RAR file support in the Windows operating system said Louise Cusworth of WinRAR’s sales team. You can almost feel the amusement mixed with exasperation. After all, who would have thought that Microsoft would finally wake up and implement this feature in 2023?

But what will these noble WinRAR developers do now, now that their utility is threatened with obsolescence? After all, they’ve spent years building robust software capable of extracting files of all shapes and sizes in compression. They faced the competition bravely, fighting for every download. And now they must face the reality of the end of their reign.

They are worried, of course. Microsoft has just encroached on their territory. But, as Louise Cusworth points out, there may be people who are even more worried. After all, WinRAR is not the only tool capable of opening RAR files.

So what’s left for WinRAR?

So what’s left for WinRAR? They hope that this move by Microsoft will make RAR compression even more popular and accessible. And they continue to hope that there will be enough people to support their small business, to allow them to continue developing WinRAR. After all, without WinRAR, who will constantly remind us that our trial version has expired?

WinRAR uses a proprietary compression algorithm, RAR, by default, but it is also able to compress in ZIP format and extract archives in 7z, bzip2, ARJ, CAB, gzip, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE formats and Z.

The battle is not quite over yet. Microsoft plans to deploy support for compression formats in several stages, and it is still necessary to have specific programs to compress files. WinRAR can still fight for every user, every download.

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