After the Corona slump: China’s car market is growing by almost 70 percent

After the corona break-in
China’s auto market is growing by almost 70 percent

In March, car sales to dealers in China rose sharply again, according to the manufacturers’ association CAAM. This is good news for Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW. The People’s Republic is by far the most important single market for German car manufacturers.

The Chinese market, which is important for German carmakers, continued to recover strongly in March from the corona-related slump in the previous year. Sales by manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles to dealers rose by 66.8 percent year-on-year to 2.38 million, as the manufacturers association CAAM announced on the basis of preliminary calculations.

VW advantages 238.70

By far the most important single market for Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW thus continued its recovery. The Chinese government has boosted sales with subsidies after the corona slump.

Compared to February, the increase was 64 percent, but this is due to the consequences of the multi-day Chinese New Year celebrations, during which parts of the country’s economy are dormant. As a result, sales in February fell significantly compared to the month.

The manufacturers association CAAM measures the sales of the car manufacturers to the dealers and not to the end customers. In contrast, the industry association PCA (China Passenger Car Association) measures sales by dealers to end customers and includes cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.