Agricultural anger: Gabriel Attal “only communicates”, criticizes Michel Onfray

A month after the start of the protests, the farmers’ anger has not subsided. One week before the Agricultural Show, actions have resumed in several cities across the country. Everyone is waiting for the aid measures announced by the government to be put in place quickly. For his part, Gabriel Attal continues his trips to the field, meeting farmers. On Thursday, the Prime Minister, for example, visited a farm in the Marne, before speaking with the farmers. Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous d’Europe 1/ CNews/ Les Échos, the philosopher Michel Onfray returned to this sequence. According to him, Gabriel Attal “only communicates”.

“Every day he is somewhere. How does he manage to work,” asked the writer. “He constantly communicates, he is there with the same technique: I listen, I nod, I nod, I put my hand [sur l’épaule]I’m here, I’ll take care of you.”

“The prime minister’s job is to work”

Reproaching Gabriel Attal, but also Emmanuel Macron for being too present in the media, Michel Onfray considers that “the job of the Prime Minister is to work […]. Speech must be rare. You have ministers who deal with agriculture. [Aller sur le terrain, ndlr], it is the job of a minister, not of a Prime Minister, nor of a head of state. Macron told us that his words are rare, and that he would be Jupiter. His word is perpetual, permanent: a flood is coming, I am coming, an earthquake, I am coming,” he castigates at the microphone of the Grand Rendez-vous.

According to him, the Prime Minister “cannot play politics” because “his road map is made by Brussels”. “When you don’t work, you go to the media,” criticizes Michel Onfray, referring to Gabriel Attal’s announcements organized on a farm at the end of January. “It’s ‘you give me a bale of straw, I’ll put in my prepared speech, and let’s go’. […] It’s just communication,” he concludes.

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