Alec Baldwin: Touching birthday mail for his wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin
Touching birthday mail for wife Hilaria

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

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Hilaria Baldwin celebrated her birthday on January 6th. Husband Alec congratulates her with a family photo and a touching declaration of love.

Hilaria Baldwin turned 37 on January 6th. Husband Alec Baldwin (62, "30 Rock") published a family photo on Instagram for the occasion, on which he poses with his wife and their five children. He wrote: "Congratulations to the love of my life. The only person in the world who brings me joy and peace every day. The person who is my home. My one and only."

The birthday boy himself wrote his last post on December 27, 2020 after previously announcing a social media break. The reason for this was a discussion about the origin of Hilaria Baldwin.

Fake Spanish accent?

After posting a video on the yoga teacher’s Instagram account, Twitter users noted that Baldwin spoke with an American accent, in contrast to the Spanish accent that she allegedly presented in previous interviews and, according to the critics, had faked. Baldwin reacted in turn with a statement clip on Instagram and clarified her origin.

She was "born in Boston", according to Baldwin, and spent "part of her childhood" in Spain. She grew up in both cultures. She brings up her children bilingually, just as she grew up herself. "There has been a lot of back and forth my whole life and I'm really happy that I grew up speaking two languages," she said, adding that her accent changes depending on which language she speaks more.

The name Hillary, as she is actually called according to a report, she used in the USA and Hilaria in Spain, she explained. "My parents call me Hilaria, my whole family calls me Hilaria," she notes, and finally she decided to stay with Hilaria to avoid confusion: "It's the same name, just a few letters different so I think we shouldn't get so upset about it. "

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have been married since 2012. The two have five children: Carmen (born 2013), Rafael (born 2015), Leonardo (born 2016), Romeo (born 2018) and Eduardo, who was born in September 2020. Alec Baldwin also has daughter Ireland Baldwin (25) from his first marriage to actress Kim Basinger (67, "L.A. Confidential").