Alexander Zverev: Ex-girlfriend Brenda bursts her collar on Instagram

Brenda Patea
You burst the collar on Instagram

Brenda Patea

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Brenda Patea shows her 294,000 followers: inside usually the beautiful sides of her mom’s everyday life – but one encounter now drives Alexander Zverev’s ex to white heat.

“Crazy, I’m still shocked from earlier, but I can’t tell you that,” explains Brenda Patea, visibly upset in her Instagram story and tries to curb herself: “Come on down, I have a thick skin.”

Brenda Patea is deeply disappointed

The former “Germanys Next Topmodel” candidate also reports: “Believe me when I tell you what happened to me today, how I was treated today by a person who is actually there to support. That was real bottom belt today. “

Patea does not want to reveal what exactly happened. Not even who upset her. “I don’t know whether the person is seeing this or not, I don’t want to say why, why, why, and name anybody […]”Nevertheless, the model appeals to his fans to stand behind his opinion and to express it out loud.” Life is just way too short, I just kept my *** up when something didn’t suit me Has […]. Open your mouth and just say it, no matter what life situation or situation you are in, communication is the key, “says Brenda. After her little freak, she tries to calm her nerves with chocolate.

Separation from Alexander Zverev in summer 2020

In November 2019, Brenda Patea announced to GALA that she loved tennis professional Alexander Zverev, 24. She and the Hamburg athlete met and fell in love in Paris. In the summer of 2020, the Liebesaus followed – despite pregnancy. “I will do everything to ensure that it grows up in a harmonious environment. I am in the fortunate position of being able to raise the child on my own,” said Patea afterwards in an interview with GALA.

Brenda Patea

The former GNTM participant is currently happier single, as she told GALA at Fashion Week in Berlin. Alexander Zverev, 24, on the other hand, has recently been in a relationship with presenter Sophia Thomalla, 32. The 32-year-old made their relationship official a few days ago with a snuggly photo on Instagram.

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