Allison Mack: “Smallville” star is starting a three-year prison term early

Allison Mack
“Smallville” star is starting a three-year prison term early

Allison Mack has three years in prison.

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Allison Mack has apparently been behind bars for a few days. Thus, the “Smallville” star began his prison sentence early.

The US actress Allison Mack (39), known from the Superman series “Smallville”, apparently started her prison sentence last Monday (September 13th). She was arrested almost two weeks earlier than initially planned, writes the US site “TMZ”. Accordingly, it was actually planned that Mack, who was sentenced to three years in prison at the end of June this year, will not go behind bars until the end of September.

Why the former TV star showed up early at the facility is not clear from the article. Mack pleaded guilty to recruiting women for a sex sect and plotting to blackmail women in the middle of the year. The charges included human trafficking and forced labor. She faced up to 17.5 years imprisonment for her actions. However, since she cooperated with the authorities and apologized to the victims, the sentence was lower in the end.

“Remorse and guilt”

Once she has served her three years in prison, her first three years at liberty will still be under supervision, according to the report. “I made decisions that I will regret forever,” she said, according to media reports after her conviction in a Brooklyn court. She is filled with “remorse and feelings of guilt”.

Allison Mack was part of the NXIVM group led by Keith Raniere, 61, since 1998. It was based in Albany and described itself as a self-help organization. Outwardly, she offered workshops and courses that were supposed to fulfill the participants’ desire for self-realization. Then it came out: Between January 2016 and June 2017, women in a secret subgroup of the organization are said to have been branded and forced into sexual acts.