Also officers among them: Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners

Also officers among them
Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners

Ukraine and Russia are only willing to talk in one area: when it comes to the exchange of prisoners. According to Russian information, the renewed exchange should involve people from a “sensitive category”.

According to information from Moscow, Russia and Ukraine have carried out the largest number of prisoner exchanges since the beginning of the year. “During a difficult negotiation process, 63 Russian soldiers were withdrawn from the territory controlled by the Kiev regime,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on its Telegram channel. Ukraine later confirmed the exchange and return of 116 prisoners.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the freed soldiers received medical and psychological care. They could also have already contacted their relatives. Among those released were people from a “sensitive category” whose release the United Arab Emirates mediated, the statement said. The ministry did not specify whether these were high-ranking officers, mercenaries or spies.

Meanwhile, the head of the presidential office in Kyiv, Andriy Yermak, gave more detailed information about the Ukrainian prisoners. 114 soldiers and non-commissioned officers plus two officers were released. Most of these would have served in the armed forces, others in the National Guard, police and border patrol. Even a civil defense employee is said to have been released during the exchange. According to Yermak, the Ukrainians were taken prisoner in Mariupol, in Cherson and in Bakhmut.

At the beginning of January, both sides had already announced an exchange. At that time, 50 prisoners from each of the warring parties were released. The issue of prisoner exchanges is the only area where Moscow and Kyiv are still negotiating. All other talks about a peaceful solution to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin almost a year ago are on hold.

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