Alvaro Soler: Singer often buys second-hand fashion

Alvaro Soler
Singer often buys second-hand fashion

Alvaro Soler will release his new album “Magia” on July 9th.

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Alvaro Soler is committed to sustainability and the environment. In an interview, he reveals what each individual can do to live more sustainably.

Alvaro Soler (30) took a creative break last year. Now the 30-year-old is back with his new album “Magia” and wants to put his fans in a good mood again after the corona lockdowns. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Soler explains what “magia” means for him: “Magic happens when you feel something indescribable. It is often found in the little things that surround us. We just have to be more careful. “

The year off was very important to the 30-year-old: “I was constantly on the move for six years and wanted to have the time again to process all the experiences I had gained in the world and to pack them into new songs also very important: visit my family and friends more often! ” Part of his family can now also be heard on the new album: his siblings Paula and Greg Taro. “I’m particularly happy about that,” says Alvaro Soler.

“They are both great singers and I am very happy that we can make music together. Sometimes they just come over to the studio and I say, ‘Hey, why don’t you try singing your voice here?’ Everything is great spontaneous and completely natural! “, says the 30-year-old about his siblings.

Alvaro Soler can imagine returning to “The Voice Kids”

After the corona lockdowns, Soler is full of energy again. However, he will keep certain habits: “Do more sport!”, Explains the singer. In the summer he looks forward to the picnic concerts most, for which he will be traveling all over Germany in August. “It’ll be awesome!” Promises Soler. “Real applause and eye contact again!”

Alvaro Soler was already back on the road in spring – as a coach for the TV show “The Voice Kids”. “It was so nice to work with the kids!” Recalls the 30-year-old. “I think I learned more from them than they did from me! I loved it!” Could he imagine going back on the show? “Yeah, sure,” he replies. He does not want to reveal whether other TV shows will also be possible in the future: “Who knows … But I always had a lot of fun with all the TV formats that I have been able to participate in so far.”

Living sustainably: Alvaro Soler advises you to start with your diet

Alvaro Soler has not only worked on new music in the past few years, he has also written: In September he published his first book “El Mismo Sol – Under the same sun”. “I wrote about my experience with other cultures and music that will surprise many. Everything that defines me is in this book,” the singer reveals in advance. Among other things, what makes him stand out is his commitment to sustainability and the environment. According to Soler, every individual can do “a lot” to live more sustainably.

“I would start with the diet,” he advises. “Choose exactly what you eat and, if you can, find out where it comes from.” You should also “find out what is really sustainable and what is not”. His other tips are to buy second-hand clothes, reduce plastic and ride bikes more. How does he make his own life more sustainable and environmentally friendly? “I don’t have a car in Berlin and almost only ride my bike or, if the weather doesn’t allow it, I use car sharing or e-scooters,” explains Soler.

The singer “very often only buys second-hand clothes, also because I find them more beautiful than the new ones”. So this is a “win-win situation”. He also eats well: Soler eats meat and fish “actually only if I know the quality, and I occasionally collect plastic on the beach”. There are “1,000 things that can be done!”.