amateur sport will be able to resume from May 19

The time for recovery has come for amateur athletes. If, despite the confinement or semi-confinement measures imposed since the fall of 2020, professional sport had not been interrupted, the competitions taking place without the presence of the public, amateur sport, meanwhile, was at the forefront. ‘stop. From May 19, he will be able to return to a little more normal conditions. At the same time, professional clubs will be allowed to start welcoming spectators to their halls and stadiums.

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Resumption of indoor sport, especially for minors

As of May 19, minors will be able to return to gymnasiums and swimming pools, the government announced on Monday May 10. For adults, the pools will only reopen on June 9.

For contactless sports practiced indoors, the establishments concerned must however ensure that the presence of practitioners does not exceed 50%.

Sports hall enthusiasts will be able to find them as of June 9. Closed for months, they will also have to observe an attendance threshold set at 50%.

The resumption will be later with regard to contact sports practiced indoors, such as judo: to put on your kimono, you will have to wait until… June 30th.

The practice of outdoor sports will be authorized from May 19, up to a maximum of 10 people and without contact. From June 9, it will be possible to bring together a maximum of 25 people, contacts then being authorized. The constraints will disappear on June 30.

The confirmation of these resumption and reopening schedules comes however as the end of May and even more the month of June corresponds to the end of the season for most clubs and amateur associations. The real impact (in particular at the financial level) will therefore be very limited.

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The Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, had specified, on May 6, that the resumption of indoor sport, in particular in sports halls, would not be conditional on the wearing of a sports mask, copies of which will soon be put on. on the market. “It will not be a constraint to reopen but a desired protection”, she told MPs.

For marathon-type competitions, surfing, sailing, trails, the rule has been set at 50 participants from May 19, 500 participants on June 9 and within the limit of 2,500 (health pass above 1,000).

Partial and gradual return of spectators to the halls and stadiums

As the Minister of Education and Sports, Jean-Michel Blanquer, had suggested, professional clubs will be able to partially reopen their halls and stadiums to the public from May 19. Initially, until June 9, these speakers will only be able to receive the public up to 35% of their capacity. The threshold will then be raised to 65% until June 30.

However, a ceiling has been set at a maximum of 800 spectators from May 19 for theaters, this limit having to rise to 5,000 people from June 9. As regards the stadiums, only 1,000 people will be able to be accommodated there initially, the threshold rising to 5,000 spectators from June 9. As of June 30, it is expected a return to normal for indoors and outdoors in terms of audience.

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This calendar means, for example, that the final of the Coupe de France football, which will take place on May 19 at the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis), will not be able to bring together more than 1,000 spectators. A waiver of the curfew (which will then be at 9 p.m.) has been requested by the French Football Federation, but has not yet received a response.

Likewise, details are awaited as to how many spectators will be able to receive the Roland-Garros tournament, which begins on May 30: its organizers hope to be able to welcome more than 4,500 spectators per day by pleading that the enclosure will have several hermetic zones. .

The Tour under constraints, fan-zones for Euro football

Asked in The Parisian on whether the Tour de France cyclist would run normally, Prime Minister Jean Castex replied ” Yes “. “We will not impose the health pass for Tour de France spectators at the side of the roads. It would also be impossible ”, he explained.

The Grande Boucle, which is due to start on June 26 in Brest, will nevertheless have to deal with the ban on having standing spectators in the start and finish areas of the stages, as well as in “strategic” areas (as in the hills and climbs, where the public usually congregates). This ban will be in effect until June 30.

From this date, the public (standing) will be accepted, but respecting a “security” zone of… 4 m2 per person. “A gauge” will however “Defined by the prefect according to local circumstances”, the government said.

The Prime Minister also clarified that the government was not going to “Not ban fan-zones To follow the matches of the Euro football, which will take place from June 11 to July 11. “But we will put in place an adapted health protocol”, said Mr. Castex

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