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Biography of Amira Pocher

Through the relationship with the moderator and comedian Oliver Pocher, his wife Amira Pocher also became acquainted in this country. But who is the woman who suddenly found herself in the limelight?

Childhood and youth in Austria

Amira Pocher was born and grew up with her single mother and her brother in Klagenfurt, Austria. However, Amira does not seem to have had a carefree childhood and youth, at least she left the family due to conflicts at the age of 15 and was briefly accommodated in a youth facility.

Amira Pocher

Love confusion about Oliver and Amira Pocher

Amira Aly, as she was then called, earned her money as an occasional model and make-up artist. In 2014 she moved to Germany and even got a job behind the scenes of “Let’s Dance” in this country. Strangely enough, exactly in the year that Oliver Pocher was a candidate for the dance show.

Conicidence? Probably not. According to their own statements, the two had each other Met in 2016 thanks to dating app Tinder. At first, Amira and Oliver kept their relationship secret, he introduced his sweetheart as an assistant. But over time, the joint appearances of the two lovebirds became suspicious, so they came out as a couple.

Amira Pocher goes TV

At first, Amira Pocher stayed in the background. Her partner did the job in front of the camera. That changed too secret Marriage and the birth of their first child together in 2019 Nothing.

Only when the dispute between Oliver Pocher and Michael Wendler, which was effective in the media, was to culminate in a duel in front of the cameras, did Amira Pocher appear on television for the first time in this show. And apparently she relishes the limelight.

Numerous appearances on various game shows such as ”The game begins!” and “5 against Jauch” followed. Meanwhile, Amira Pocher acts in the RTL show “Pocher – dangerously honest!” as her husband’s sidekick. Also on the common Podcast “The Pochers here!”, in which the couple gives private insights into their lives, Amira has taken a liking to. No wonder that the first independent moderation job was not long in coming: after the flop of her own game show ”The Super Twins”which was withdrawn from the program after just four episodes, it became known at the end of 2021 that Amira the moderation of ”Prominet” takes over.

Also in 2022 it seems to work for Amira in terms of TV appearances. As one of 14 participants, the mother of two takes part in the 15th season of ”Let’s Dance” part.

Amira becomes a mother for the second time

But not only professionally, a new wind is blowing in Amira Pocher’s life. There is also private news from Pocher. in the In the summer of 2020, the couple confirmed that they were expecting another child. In December 2020, Amira and Oliver’s second son will see the light of day.

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