And yet, Elon Musk had promised that his underground tunnels could not be bottled …

Thibaut keutchayan

January 11, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.


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Faced with tens of kilometers of daily traffic jams in Las Vegas (Nevada), Elon Musk, via The Boring Company, had proposed to build tunnels.

And, unlike the announcements made in December 2016, “ The Loop », The first tunnel of its kind, is also well and truly subject to the same fate.

And we don’t even talk about the claustrophobic

If you have always dreamed of traveling in a tube near the wireless Exogorth where the Millennium Falcon sails in Star wars v, take a trip to Vegas. The first tunnel open to the public, 1.7 kilometers long and created by The Boring Company, has been tested by several guest media. But, despite the initial promise, those who went to the 2022 edition of CES had the unpleasant surprise to find that, again, the traffic jams ended up inviting themselves.

Musk, who plans to build a total of 51 kilometers of tunnels under the most populous city in Nevada, therefore experiences a first flop, as several journalists unhappy with the situation shared their journey on Twitter. And given the small size of the tube, it is better not to fear any form of confinement. Fortunately, unlike the Exogorth, this tunnel doesn’t mean to digest you.

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