AnnenMayKantereit: The band surprises fans with a lockdown album

The album "12" was created in lockdown, and the indie band AnnenMayKantereit has now surprisingly released it.

Surprise: AnnenMayKantereit released a new album that night without "warning". "12" is "an album out of lockdown" and "accordingly some of the songs are dark", as the band itself announces. The songs with names like "So Wie Es War" or "Gegenwartsbewältigung" were created after the indie band had to cancel their biggest tour to date due to the corona pandemic. They grew by video call, telephone, email and in chat processes.

"Christopher was in the rehearsal room, Severin in the home studio that was set up spontaneously and I had the opportunity to work on a disinfected piano. Including Markus Ganter (our producer) behind a pane of glass," says singer Henning May (28). After the isolation, the musicians met in the Eifel and were "somehow totally productive every day." When making the recordings, people often opted for "the moments", "the spontaneous cell phone recordings, for the slip of the tongue, the clearing of the throat, the chirping of birds or creaking piano chairs."

The band went on to say that the album was created in shock. And adds one more request to her fans: to listen to the album in one piece. "The order of the songs is important to us, and anyone who is so generous as to listen to the album in this order has a cushioned seat in the multi-purpose hall of our hearts."