another excellent news for the grand finale

The director of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has excellent news for fans eager to see FF7 Remake 3 arrive: things are progressing very well and its release date would not be that far away.

This information regarding FF7 Remake 3 does not come from an interview, but from the book Ultimania relating to Rebirth, recently released in Japan. We discover many juicy details regarding this second part, as well as great future prospects for its sequel.

A potential release date for FF7 Remake 3 on paper

Between FF7 Remake and Rebirth took place approximately four years. When it comes to FF7 Remake 3, the wait may be shorter than that. In the book Ultimania, the director of the three games Yoshinori Kitase shares some behind the scenes of their development. Since the team from the second part has remained unchanged, the transition to the finale should go smoothly.

We learn on this point that the main story of FF7 Remake 3 would already be written. According to its director, the next step would be the recording of voices. The way things are going in Midgar, the team hopes to be able to offer fans a finale that meets expectations within three years, i.e. in 2027. Note, however, that the four-year wait between the first and second opus was due to the Intergrade DLC, which required an additional year of development. But Rebirth should in principle not receive any additional content.

The future looks very bright for Cloud and his friends. ©Square Enix

Reassuring news for fans

You will have understood, work has already started well around FF7 Remake 3, only two months after the release of Rebirth. In the meantime, we have already learned some very encouraging news regarding its sequel. Since the second part has already laid the foundations of the open world, much of the development of the finale will be facilitated. However, the team will have to rework the scale by taking into account the Highwind flying ship, the last vehicle in the game.

Since the crew of FF7 Remake 3 is the same as for Rebirth, development should in any case move at full speed like Highwind. With a release currently planned for 2027, this final part of FF7 Remake could also be a magnificent swan song for the PS5. It will then celebrate its 7th anniversary and the PS6 could be fast approaching. Either way, fans of Cloud and his friends can expect a climactic finale in many ways. Strongly!

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