Anthony Colette on the departure, who to replace him with Natasha St-Pier?

Anthony Colette could well be absent from the next Dancing with the Stars bonus and even leave the adventure prematurely, to the great dismay of his partner Natasha St-Pier. The professional was injured and his intense pain would prevent him from hitting the TF1 track on April 19.

Natasha St-Pier And Anthony Colette qualified for the semi-final of Dance with the stars 2024. After performing on the title Like A Prayer during the bonus of April 12 at the end of which Black M And James Denton were ousted, the pair immediately made it known that they were proud of their career and that they were going to do everything to be up to the task for the next one, scheduled for Friday April 19. “We’re in half… And I have to say THANK YOU! 🤍 This week again we’re going to do everything with @natashastpier to offer you a service worthy of your support 🔥🙏”, posted the 29-year-old professional who had not gone this far in the competition for five years. It was with Elsa Esnoult in season 10!

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Unfortunately, Anthony Colette could ultimately be absent from prime 9 according to our colleagues from Audience. They claim that he would not be able to tread the floor of Dance with the stars due toan injury that makes him suffer excruciatingly. The one who lost a lot of weight due to pressure spoke about his health problems during a live on Twitch on Sunday April 14, during which he expressed doubts about the abilities of his pair to win the final. “In the third prime, I did some lifts and I broke my back. It’s not the first time that this has happened to me, except that it happened to me at the start of the season.”he confided.

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Anthony Colette suffers from intense back pain

Despite everything, the dance sports specialist has held on until now, despite the recommendations of the medical team who had a lot to do after the discomfort ofInès Regwhich occurred a week earlier. “The doctor told me: ‘You have to stop the show for at least a month to recover’. I said: ‘It’s not possible, I don’t want to'”. This is why Anthony Colette took “lots of pills” to calm the pain.I grit my teeth. I limp a little during the day because I try not to push myself and in the evening when I dance, I have adrenaline in my body, I no longer think about it. On the other hand, when the prime is over, the next morning, it’s a horror. You don’t know how much I hurtsaid one of the highest paid dancers of season 13.

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For the record, a few hours before the quarter-finals on April 12, Anthony Colette had already expressed doubts about his abilities. “The weeks are getting more and more difficult. Do you remember my lumbago that I’ve been carrying around since almost the start of this DALS season? Well, are you saying that today in rehearsal on set during a lift with Natasha, my back hurt me really hard and I had to stop dancing”he announced to his followersapologizing to Natasha St-Pier, who is silent for the moment.

Anthony Colette has never won Dance with the stars

Who could replace him? The production could well consider bringing back one of the professionals already eliminated, like Christian Millette for example, who did not have time to demonstrate all his talents since the tandem he formed with businesswoman Caroline Margeridon was the first to be eliminated. What about Nicolas Archambault, Yann-Alrick Mortreuil, Jordan Mouillerac And Adrien Caby.

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Anthony Colette could therefore see victory slip through his fingers again, he who has never won a single season of Dance with the stars in seven participations. The Avignon resident obtained his best ranking in 2018 with the former Miss France Iris Mittenaere with whom he had also formed a couple in the private sector. Are still competing against him and Natasha St-Pier Roman Doduik, Nico Capone, Keiona and Inès Reg, who recently obtained the very first 10 of the season from Fauve Hautot.


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