Apple cider vinegar: that's why stars are so enthusiastic about the beauty miracle


Vinegar in the morning dispels grief and worry – and it should also make you beautiful. At least stars like Megan Fox (33, "Transformers"), Jennifer Aniston (50, "Kill the Boss") and Katy Perry (35, "Dark Horse") have sworn by the apple cider vinegar for years. The latter even since childhood. In an interview with the magazine "Self", Perry once said that her mother recommended the morning shot of apple cider vinegar to her. Since then, the singer has enjoyed excellent health and a strong immune system.

Scarlett Johansson's secret to pimples

Not only physical well-being benefits from the practical all-rounder from the kitchen. Apple cider vinegar can also have a positive impact on the appearance. Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson (35, "Lucy"), for example, knows: "If the skin is problematic and has lots of pimples, it is really healing." The actress has to admit to "Elle" that the beauty weapon stinks a little, "but if you don't plan to sleep with your boyfriend, it's really effective."


And this is how it works: The human skin has a thin protective acid coating. Soap and lotions can dry them out if used excessively. The skin becomes brittle and susceptible to bacteria, which clog pores and impurities arise. The natural protective acid mantle of the skin can be rebuilt with apple cider vinegar. Simply put a 50:50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and distilled water on a cotton pad and gently dab the skin with it in the morning and evening. The mixture should never get into the eyes.

Victoria Beckham's morning booster

Apple cider vinegar strengthens the immune system, makes the skin glow and can help prevent cravings. Does that also convince Victoria Beckham (45)? The designer and mother make no secret of her morning routine: in addition to sports, lemons and hot water, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar should not be missing. You and many other stars primarily use products with a vinegar nut.

What's in it Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar (1-2 tablespoons mixed with water) helps to keep the digestive system healthy and boost it together with the burning of fat. It is also said to regulate the blood sugar level, so that the consumption in the evening ensures lower values ​​in the morning.