Atos: Onepoint CEO calls for end of divestment projects and results Tuesday

(AOF) – Atos’ largest shareholder, Onepoint, wants to put an end to the sale plans. Speaking in the columns of Le Figaro, its CEO, David Layani, declared that it was necessary to “immediately put an end to any sale project while preserving the integrity of the assets to build a New One Atos which gets off to a good start” . “If we do not now rely on an industrial solution which preserves all of the assets, it will be chaos and the end of Atos,” he warns.

Before adding: “BDS is a gem. It is not at the moment when we have to reinvent ourselves and start again that we should sell our family jewels”.

Atos sank further into crisis last week after abandoning discussions with Airbus for the purchase of BDS, its branch specializing in big data and cybersecurity.

In a press release, Atos indicates that it has taken note of the comments made by David Layani, the representative of its shareholder Onepoint. The company emphasizes that these comments do not bind the company and its board of directors. Onepoint’s plan has not been presented to the company’s Board of Directors, which, if and when it is, will be able to analyze it and communicate its position in due time.

A communication of the 2023 results of the IT group and the next steps will take place this Tuesday March 26 morning after having been postponed twice.

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