“BACH – A Christmas Story”: Devid Striesow on the trail of the composer genius

“BACH – A Christmas Story”
Devid Striesow on the trail of the composer genius

The Bach film takes the film crew back to the 18th century: Devid Striesow (from left) plays Johann Sebastian Bach, Verena Altenberger plays his second wife, Ludwig Simon’s son Emanuel Bach. Florian Baxmeyer directs.

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The ARD/ORF film “BACH – A Christmas Story” takes us back to the Baroque era. Filming has already started.

Actor Devid Striesow (50) and his son Ludwig Simon (27) are back in front of the camera together. They are currently filming the historical film “BACH – A Christmas Story”, which, according to the press release, will be the “ARD/ORF Christmas highlight 2024”.

Filming will take place until March 6th

Filming for the film about the creation of the well-known Christmas oratorio began on January 24th and is scheduled to last until March 6th. Filming takes place in Weimar, Buttstädt, Merseburg as well as Greillenstein and Horn in Austria. The co-production of ARD Degeto, MDR, BR and ORF tells the story of the composer genius Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) and one of his most famous works, the Christmas Oratorio. In addition to Devid Striesow as Bach, Verena Altenberger (36) plays the main role of his second wife Anna “Magdalena” Bach. Striesow’s son Ludwig Simon is also his son in the film: he embodies Emanuel Bach.

Of course, music plays another important role in the film. As ARD reports, the Thomanerchor Leipzig under the direction of the Thomas cantor Andreas Reize and the Thomas organist Johannes Lang were able to be won over for the film. Harpsichordist Elina Albach provides instrumental support with her ensemble Continuum. Musicologist Bernhard Schrammek provides expert advice, while composer and violinist Martina Eisenreich creates the film music.

The film takes place in Leipzig in December 1734. The Bachs’ Christmas is all about the Christmas oratorio, which the composer absolutely has to finish on time. He wants to finally become a Dresden court composer and demands that all family members support him. But there is an argument between Johann Sebastian Bach and his son Emanuel – and then their ten-year-old son Gottfried also disappears…

Other contributors

Other roles in the baroque Christmas film will be seen: Dominic Marcus Singer (Friedemann Bach), German von Beug (Gottfried Bach) and Lotta Herzog (Elisabeth Bach), Thorsten Merten (city councilor Adrian Stieglitz), Christina Große (Maria Stieglitz), Victor Tahal (Christian Henrici), Daniel Christensen (Matthias Gesner), Dominik Weber (Hofkapellmeister Hasse), Luise Aschenbrenner (Sybilla Bose), Felix Hellmann (Carl Gotthelf Gerlach) and Christoph Luser (Superintendent).


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