Barack Obama: Former president’s personal chef drowned

Barack Obama
Former president’s personal chef drowned

Shocking news for Barack Obama.

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The personal chef of Barack (61) and Michelle Obama (59) is dead. Tafari Campbell was according to media reports found drowned near the Obamas’ home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Monday (July 24). Tafari Campbell was 45 years old.

The police received a report on Sunday about a missing stand-up paddler. An eyewitness reportedly saw the man struggle to stay on the surface. Then he got under water. The day after, Tafari Campbell’s body was found 30 meters from the beach. The water was 2.5 meters deep at this point.

Tafari Campbell is said to have been a guest of the Obamas at their vacation home on the day of his death. Barack and Michelle Obama are said not to have been to the island off Cape Cod.

‘Beloved part of the family’: Obamas say goodbye to Tafari Campbell

In a statement, the Obamas expressed dismay at the death of their personal chef. “Tafari was a beloved part of our family,” the former presidential couple wrote. Campbell was sous chef at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency. The Obamas describe him as “creative and passionate about food and its ability to bring people together”. Campbell was one of the chefs who brewed honey beer at the White House. The honey came from bees in Michelle Obama’s garden.

Over the years, they’ve come to know the chef as “a warm, funny, extraordinarily kind person who has made all of our lives a little bit brighter.” When the Obamas had to leave the White House in 2016, they took Tafari Campbell with them as their private chef. “He’s been a part of our lives ever since and it breaks our hearts that he’s gone,” the statement said.

Barack and Michelle Obama express their condolences to Tafari Campbell’s widow, Sherise. The deceased also leaves behind twin sons Xavier and Savin.


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