The Boys season 4 release date, the Galaxy S22s are broken by an update, here’s the recap!

We know when we will be able to see season 4 of The Boys on Prime Video, Samsung’s latest update makes the Galaxy S22 unusable, the Play Store fights against fake government applications, that’s the recap!

The Boys

Unfortunately, scams never stop on the Internet. We are learning more about the Yahoo Boys, these scammers who act with impunity without trying to hide, while some use Facebook or Instagram to get your phone number. To cheer you up a little, take a look at the news that marked May 3, 2024.

Here’s when season 4 of The Boys will be released on Prime Video

Since the broadcast of season 3 in 2022, fans of Homelander, Butcher, Starlight and other Hughie have been champing at the bit to find out the rest of the adventures of The Boys. Prime Video finally lifts the veil on the date on which we will be able to see the first three episodes of season 4. After that, a new one will be available every week, knowing that the last will arrive on our screens on July 18. Enough to spend the whole summer with our favorite anti-heroes.

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Google Play Store fights against fake official apps

Almost everyone has their application on the Google Play Store: social networks, online sales platforms, brands, businesses… The government is no exception and offers several services that pirates take great pleasure in copying for better deceive their victims. This will soon be history since Google is rolling out a new “Government” badge attesting that an application presented as official is indeed official.

More details: The Play Store has found a way to eradicate scams disguised as official applications

Samsung stops the latest Galaxy S22 update, it makes mobiles unusable

Generally, updating your smartphone allows you to fix bugs, close security vulnerabilities and add features. All in all, nothing but positive. But in very rare cases, it can do more harm than good. This is the case with the latest update deployed by Samsung, One UI 6.1. If it presents no problem on most of the smartphones concerned, the Galaxy S22 cannot say the same. It forces their owners to restore the mobile to factory settings. While waiting for a fix, the firm has suspended the deployment.

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