Because of the corona pandemic: World Economic Forum moves to Singapore

Because of the corona pandemic
World Economic Forum moves to Singapore

Switzerland is currently severely affected by the corona pandemic. That is why the traditional World Economic Forum in Davos will not take place in January. A virtual event is planned – the actual meeting is meanwhile being moved to Asia.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will move from Switzerland to Singapore in 2021 due to corona. The meeting will take place there from May 13th to 16th, announced the organizers. The economic and political elite will meet personally to discuss the most urgent global political issues, said WEF founder Klaus Schwab, without first going into details of the program.

The decision was made with a view to the safety of all participants and the hosts. In Singapore, the corona situation is much better than in many other places. "A meeting of global executives is of vital importance when it comes to how we can shape recovery together," said Schwab.

The WEF meeting in 2022 should take place again as usual in Davos. Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the pandemic. A few weeks ago, Lucerne was brought into play as an alternative location. In the usual Davos week, a virtual event will be organized from January 25th to 29th, it said.

More than 3000 people take part in the annual meeting in Davos. Top politicians from all over the world, including Chancellor Angela Merkel several times, are regular guests.

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