Before federal-state consultations: Giffey is pushing for day-care centers to be opened gradually

Before federal-state consultations
Giffey is pushing for day-care centers to be gradually opened

The federal and state governments will meet next week to discuss the corona measures. However, there are calls for initial easing. Family ministries Giffey wants to reopen daycare centers in consultation with their country colleagues. Virologist Drosten urges caution.

One week before the next federal-state consultations on how to proceed in the corona crisis, the question of easing is in the room. Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey from the SPD urges cautious opening steps at daycare centers. For the protection and well-being of children, it is necessary to at least return to a limited regular operation, she said in Berlin.

The family and youth ministers of the federal and state levels are in agreement that there must be opening steps. Whether the opening of daycare centers and schools will be agreed during the deliberations between the federal and state governments next Wednesday depends on the infection and mutation events. Giffey added, "Nobody expects everything to open overnight." However, steps would have to be shown that would allow light to be seen at the end of the tunnel.

The Berlin virologist Christian Drosten had previously warned against easing the situation too early. "We cannot expect much civil protection through vaccination until Easter," said the Charité scientist in the NDR podcast "Coronavirus Update". Experts assume that the probably particularly dangerous corona mutants of the virus are already more widespread than known. In Cologne alone, 114 cases of the mutated British virus variant and 52 cases of the South African variant were detected by Tuesday, a spokeswoman said.

Concert promoter heats up debate about vaccination privileges

Experts also assume that the sooner the lockdown is relaxed, the faster it threatens to spread. In view of this, the authorities are working flat out on an overview. At the beginning of next week there should be an overview of the actual spread of these mutations, as government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced.

At the same time, the discussion about privileges for vaccinated people is gaining momentum. From the point of view of the ticket seller CTS Eventim, private organizers should at least have the option of only admitting vaccinated people to events in the future. Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht from the SPD pointed out that this would be fundamentally legitimate. But the topic also raises ethical questions. On Thursday, the German Ethics Council wants chairwoman Alena Buyx to make a recommendation "Special rules for vaccinated people?" imagine.

On the other hand, the head of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, spoke out against lifting corona rules for vaccinated people earlier. "What of course cannot be, to put it a bit flippantly, is that pensioners lie on the beach in summer, but the younger generation is still sitting at home and is still allowed to meet someone. In the end, you will not be accepted for get ", said the CDU politician to the political journal" Rundblick Niedersachsen ".

However, there are still problems with vaccinations in some places. In Hesse, massive technical problems also occurred with the second registration process for the allocation of corona vaccination appointments for seniors over 80 years of age. The website for the appointment booking could not be opened on Wednesday morning. When the first vaccination registration was made, there had been repeated technical malfunctions due to the huge rush for the dates.