Bernard Pivot: his naughty joke to Anne Elisabeth Lemoine in “C à vous”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The writer has lost none of his comical humor. Friday January 8, 2021, Bernard Pivot was invited on the set of C to you sure France 5 in order to defend his latest book, But life goes on published by Albin Michel editions. After spending several months isolated in his Parisian apartment because of the confinement, the eighty-five-year-old journalist can finally take to the air! But above all … he can find the arms of his companion who lives in the provinces far from him. It is therefore perked up and a smile on your face that Bernard Pivot evoked the theme of his last work: time passing. With this poetry of his own, the writer evoked a "very taboo subject" which however fascinates him enormously: his octogenarian sexuality.

Bernard Pivot does not deprive himself of a part of legs in the air!

"The love of octogenarians is not very aesthetic compared to young people, of course … And then, it is not very productive either!", he swayed, with humor. However, the former president of the Académie Goncourt does not let himself be defeated. As he explains without embarrassment, he will continue to engage in sexual activity as long as his body allows it: "I add that the doctors encourage men and women to continue having sex as long as they can!", he swung, eliciting laughter on set.

Intrigued by these revelations, the presenter wonders: "For reasons of health or for reasons of morale?""No, health! Because it's good!", answers Bernard Pivot, rising in a tone. "Do not get mad !", Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine answers, with a smile. Never left, the journalist and writer outbids with a rather daring joke: "You will see, you will see!", he swung, raising his hand to his interlocutor. "I'll see soon, unfortunately!", replied Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, rather embarrassed. It is not with old monkeys that we learn to make faces!

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