Beyoncé: Will the singer shift down a gear in the future?

Beyoncé has – triggered by the corona pandemic – set a new goal: She wants to "slow down" her life.

A concert film, a live album, a job as a voice actress: singer Beyoncé (39, "Halo") achieved a lot in 2019. In 2020, the corona pandemic forced you to shift down a gear. A break that the mother of three and wife of Jay-Z (50) said was good for them. She told British Vogue for the December issue: "I've decided to give myself permission to concentrate on my personal happiness."

In the midst of the pandemic and political protests that are raging in the USA, the artist has come to an important realization. "I've learned that my voice is clearer when I'm quiet." She is currently enjoying spending time with her family and is pursuing a new goal: "To slow down my life and remove stressful things from it."