Bikers Will Hate Two Wheel Review, Here’s Why

A few days before the entry into force of the technical inspection obligation for two wheels, we now know the details of the exam, and the latter could well annoy many motorcyclists.

two-wheel technical inspection
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Bad news for bikers. UFC-Que-Choisir has just got its hands on information concerning the progress of the technical inspection of two wheels, which will be compulsory from April 15. From now on, we know in particular that the owners of the vehicles will have to be present throughout the examination, and the reason may surprise you.

This review should take place in several phases. First of all, the mechanic should check the mileage of the vehicle, before paying attention to the license plate, the toe clips, the saddle, the rear brake control, the reservoir, the good condition of the steering stops , indicators and mudguards. He will also check the transmission system or the vehicle’s exhaust, before carrying out an anti-pollution check.

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Motorcyclists must be present during the examination

For those who like to modify their vehicle, be aware that technical inspection could well be a problem. Indeed, we now know that you absolutely must have kept the original parts of your motorcycleunder penalty of having to go through a counter-inspection.

However, this is not the only rule of this new exam. Please note that you will also need to remain available throughout the exam, because the mechanics may ask you to come and work on your vehicle. “ Customers may eventually be required to handle their machine themselves. », Reports UFC-Que-Choisir. “ The requested customer will have to take a path marked on the ground and wait in a duly marked area: entering the reserved area is theoretically not authorized, especially since almost all centers will continue to carry out a parallel car inspection activity “.

You read correctly, so you may have to work on your vehicle yourself at the express request of the inspector. As a reminder, if you decide to exempt yourself from this technical inspection, you risk a fine of 135 euros in the event of an inspection by the police. The technical inspection examination should cost you between 60 and 80 euros.

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