Bob Dylan: US star charged with abuse

Bob Dylan
US star charged with abuse

Bob Dylan in 2012

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US star Bob Dylan has been charged with alleged sexual abuse. He has dismissed the claims as “untrue”.

US singer Bob Dylan (80) is said to have abused a then twelve-year-old girl several times 56 years ago. As reported by the US website “TMZ”, a woman from Greenwich, Connecticut, has filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court against the Nobel Prize winner for literature.

According to the document that “TMZ” is supposed to have, Dylan used his notoriety to gain the girl’s trust and to exercise control over her. The multiple abuse took place in 1965 in the Chelsea Hotel in New York, where Dylan temporarily lived. The woman claims to be suffering from the consequences of the alleged acts to this day, including depression.

Bob Dylan wants to fight back

The 80-year-old rejects the allegations. Dylan spokesmen said, according to TMZ, that the woman’s 56-year-old allegations were “untrue”. They will vigorously defend themselves against it.