Book advises inhaling essential oils to heal homosexuality's "wound"

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On Twitter, an Internet user highlighted a more than doubtful advice from aromatherapist Aude Maillard concerning homosexual people. The latter should use, according to her, essential oils to "feel their deep desires and find their balance".

After essential oils to counter the Covid, a new adviser is criticized and this time it concerns the sexuality of homosexual people. Found in a tweet from Clément Baillon, a paragraph on homosexuality from the book "Woman essential, the guide to essential oils for women ", by Dr Aude Maillard does not pass for the Internet user. According to the aromatherapist, "lThe majority of homosexuals speak of their sexual polarity as an injury, at least long enough to find their roots, because homosexuality is not chosen, it is natural and instinctive and cuts off from the rest of society ".

So, according to her, it would be necessary to inhale essential oils for "feel your deep desires and find your balance ".

These sentences are not the only ones to leave a good number of readers perplexed, and even scandalized. As Têtu magazine points out, Dr Aude Maillard recommends that women who "have an androgynous look" also use essential oils to "help enhance this sacred feminine".

She specifies that this appearance "can also be a way of protecting themselves for young trans adults.

Likewise in the book, the aromatherapist invites the use of essential oils as a means of contraception.

Nature et Découvertes, which markets the book, has announced the withdrawal of the book from its shelves.

"We apologize for this content which in no way represents the values ​​defended by Nature et Découvertes. We make a point of reading and checking the content that we refer, but it is human error. It can happen, as is the case today, that we miss problematic pages. We will take the necessary measures quickly and remove this book from our bookstore offer ", specifies the chain of stores.

Têtu tried to contact FNAC, another place of marketing, but no comment was made.

This is not the first time that a book has tended to be controversial. At the end of 2019, the book "These Healing Stones" promised to help "treat" HIV with stones. For the moment, the book is still available for sale.

Moved, Jarry confides having consulted a doctor, before accepting his homosexuality.

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