Brigitte Macron would not want a second term from her husband


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A few months before the presidential election, it seems that Brigitte Macron is reluctant to the idea of ​​a second term of Emmanuel Macron.

The First Lady would like a quieter life. According toThe secrets of journalist Gérard Davet at Gala, Brigitte Macron would be “moderately fan of the idea of ​​a second term“of her husband.”Some relatives told us she longed for a simpler life“, explains the author of the book” Le Traître et le Néant “, dedicated to the President of the Republic. Still according to Gérard Davet at Gala, Emmanuel Macron has him”a mad desire to run for the 2022 presidential election.“If he has not yet announced anything officially, there is no doubt that the subject is being discussed within the couple.

Brigitte Macron has been very present alongside her husband for the past five years and would now like to devote more time to her seven grandchildren. The First Lady, who celebrated her 68th birthday in April, would not have “not a very positive view of his age either.

Brigitte Macron, a mandate of critics

This mandate will have been trying for Brigitte Macron. On many occasions, it has been the target of cruel mockery, sometimes from Internet users, sometimes from the media. In an interview with Femme Actuelle, Gaël Tchakaloff, author of the book “As long as we are both” explained that even Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team was not kind to the First Lady. “I could see that the candidate’s team was not a fan of her. (…) They found that she was too bimbo compared to the candidate whose teams wanted to convey a certain form of cerebrality to the French“, she reported.

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