BSW supporters divided: AfD voters are not afraid of the prospect of Trump

BSW supporters divided
AfD voters are not frightened by the prospect of Trump

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A clear majority of Germans fear a possible election victory for Donald Trump. However, this does not apply to the supporters of the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance, even less to those of the AfD.

After former President Donald Trump’s de facto victory in the primaries of his Republican party, the presidential election campaign in the USA is boiling down to another duel between him and the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden. Many Germans are frightened by the idea that Trump could become president again.

In a survey by the opinion research institute Forsa for the RTL/ntv trend barometer, 60 percent of Germans said that a possible election victory for Trump scared them. This prospect doesn’t scare 38 percent.

When broken down by party supporters, there are strong differences. A clear majority of supporters of the Union, SPD, Greens and FDP each say that a possible Trump victory scares them. The supporters of the Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW), which was founded in January, and those of the AfD are out of the ordinary. At the BSW the supporters are divided, at the AfD there is a clear majority of those who say they are not afraid of the ex-president winning the election.

Trump is in the national average of polls in the USA current two percentage points ahead of Biden, even if that doesn’t say much: the election won’t take place until November, and the winner of the election will be determined via majority voting: So what matters is not the majority in the USA as a whole, but a majority in the body of electors, who are elected in the individual states.

The data was collected by the market and opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of RTL Deutschland on March 8th and 11th. Database: 1004 respondents. Statistical margin of error: plus/minus 3 percentage points.

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Forsa surveys commissioned by RTL Deutschland.

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