Bus full of migrants – smuggler sped away from the police in a cocaine intoxication

Shocking details become known after the arrest of a Turk (37). The suspected smuggler – traveling with 20 refugees in a minibus on the A3 – was under the influence of drugs. Among other things, he filed a complaint for endangering the community.

Officials who had to stop a smuggler on the run last Friday were exposed to the greatest danger. As reported, the 37-year-old Turkish police officer’s minibus, which was overloaded with refugees, was noticed on the south-eastern autobahn (A3) near Müllendorf. The driver had gone full throttle. Caught after fleeing At breakneck speed, the chauffeur kept trying to push the pursuers in the patrol car against the crash barrier. At the Pottendorf exit in the Baden (Lower Austria) district, the driver stopped abruptly, jumped out of the bus on the passenger side and ran away. He wasn’t even stopped by warning shots into the ground. The final stop was in Weigelsdorf. After the arrest, it turned out that the driver had consumed cocaine. Small amounts of drugs for personal use were found in the bus. Two unaccompanied girls Originally there was talk of 18 refugees who were said to have been in the towing bus. In fact, there were 20 migrants across all age groups, all Turkish Kurds. Specifically, there were two families – one with four, the other with two children. Two girls, probably 12 and 13 years old, were stranded in Austria unaccompanied. The rest of the group were men. The gangs’ tactics So far, the arrested suspect has not provided any information about the drugs seized or the illegal transport. The accused refused to make any statement. However, the investigations revealed how the trafficking gangs are currently proceeding: migrants travel officially and legally by plane from Istanbul to Belgrade, because Turks do not need a visa for Serbia anyway them as refugees,” explains one investigator. At least 15,000 euros are collected from the gangs per family for the illegal transport to Austria or Germany. Serious allegations The list of allegations against the 37-year-old suspect is long. He takes out charges of gang smuggling, resistance to state authority and endangering the community. The last offense relates to the suspect’s life-threatening driving style, which put both the 20 refugees in the minibus and the police officers on the scene at high risk.
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