B&You customer? This exclusive fiber package is for you

The French operator is once again pampering its B&You subscribers by offering them a 1 Gb/s fiber package at a reduced price. The perfect opportunity to reduce your monthly expenses on web subscriptions.

In 2024, you no longer need to subscribe to multiple operators and Internet service providers to find the best deals. Quite the contrary. Bouygues Telecom allows its B&You mobile subscribers to benefit from a nice discount on its Bbox special series offer.

Thus, this 1 Gb/s fiber package displays a preferential rate of 29.99 euros per month. Combined with a B&You package at 6.99 euros/month, this amounts to less than 40 euros of monthly expenses for mobile telecom and Internet services. An unprecedented price for this type of service since such a combo often costs much more, especially when they are of quality.

Speed ​​as the key word

Why turn to an Internet box with a speed of 1 Gb/s? If players still favor a high speed, to quickly download increasingly heavy games, the rise of connected objects within the home now requires the presence of a strong connection.

A reality which in no way frightens Bouygues Telecom since its special series Bbox ensures an upstream speed of up to 1 Gb/s for downloading and a download speed which can peak at 700 Mbit/s.

Performance that allows you to retrieve a Full HD film in just a few seconds or enjoy the best possible image quality for a streaming series. Better: an 82 GB game like Like a dragon: Infinite Wealthrequires barely 12 minutes of patience to download.

4K TV for the same price

The Bbox special series offer is not only based on very good speed. It incorporates another major asset, namely a 4K TV box. This guarantees access to a bouquet of 180 channels. Added to this is the possibility of watching numerous programs in replay and even an option to record up to 100 hours of programs.

Of course, for the most movie buffs, the Android TV interface of the TV box allows you to download numerous streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+.

A complete offer at the right price

This package being triple play, a landline is provided alongside fiber and TV. This guarantees unlimited calls to landlines in France and in more than 110 countries. If the number of calls knows no limit, that of the different correspondents cannot exceed 199. Beyond that, you have to pay a few additional euros to compensate for the extra package.

Not content with being ultra-complete, the Bbox special series package represents a real financial advantage for B&You customers. In fact, Bouygues Telecom is lowering the price of this 1 Gb/s offer to 29.99 euros per month.

Best of all, it’s a no-obligation offer. The subscriber is free to manage the duration of his subscription as he wishes.

How to subscribe to the Bbox special series?

To benefit from this unique fiber package, you must be a B&You customer, or subscribe to a fiber+package combo with Bouygues Telecom.

As for the procedures, the operator takes care of everything, including any costs for canceling the old subscription.

When subscribing, it is possible to check your fiber eligibility. What’s more, the operator allows you to keep your current line number by entering your RIO code. The opening and installation of the new line is taking place without the slightest interruption to Internet services.

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