Capita in Feistritz – environmentally friendly snowboard boards from the Gail

The title is meant seriously: Because at Capita in Feistritz, the energy comes from the nearby river – this makes the production of snowboards particularly environmentally friendly!

The Mothership smells of wood and paint: With the snowboard professionals at Capita, everything is hip and very modern, due to the colorful structure of the owners and employees, who come from all over the world. But what they all have in common is the will to an environmentally friendly company policy.

Ecological construction
“It was extremely important to us to orient the location ecologically”, explains Wilhelm Ebner. Even the facade of the production hall was made from recycled old wood from the area. Heat – and in summer cold – come from a river water heat pump: The neighboring Gail supplies enough energy via a complex system to produce around 100,000 snowboards per year without CO2 emissions.

Green certificate
Electricity is generated on the flat roof by means of photovoltaics, and so a green certificate is emblazoned on every board that is handmade in Carinthia. The location should also be sustainable for the workforce: 85 people currently work here, curiously in the cooper trade – our own snowboard experts are not even familiar with the system.

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