Captain Tom Moore: His funeral must take place in the smallest of circles

Captain Tom Moore
His burial must take place in the smallest of circles

Captain Tom Moore was personally knighted by the Queen in 2020

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Thousands upon thousands of Brits would love to personally say goodbye to Captain Tom Moore. But only eight people are allowed to attend the funeral.

With his kind and lovable disposition, the British Captain Tom Moore (1920-2021) touched the hearts of millions of people. Nevertheless, only eight mourners will be present during the funeral of the deceased war veteran, who died of Covid 19 disease on February 2, 2021. The fact that Moore's funeral on Saturday (February 27) will be so intimate was anything but a wish of the family, reports the British "Daily Mail". Rather, the current Corona requirements in Great Britain would leave the bereaved "no other choice" in this regard.

Where the funeral will take place has therefore not yet been announced. It can be assumed, however, that it is planned in Moore's home in Bedfordshire. According to the Daily Mail, there are also some instructions for the course of his funeral in a book that the 100-year-old is said to have written shortly before his death. So he wanted Frank Sinatra's song "My Way" as a farewell song at the end of the ceremony – "because I've always done everything my way." Like Sinatra, he would "regret too few things in his long life to be worth mentioning".

According to the report, his two daughters Lucy Teixeira and Hannah Ingram-Moore, as well as their husbands and four grandchildren von Moore, will be present at the funeral. "Captain Tom" achieved international fame last year after turning 100 laps through his backyard with his rollator and collecting almost 40 million euros in donations to fight corona. The money went to the National Health Service NHS.