Car crashed into Mauer – 30 missions in the Carinthian snow chaos

The Carinthian emergency services keep around 30 missions in the snow on Thursday morning on their toes. For the most part, it involves minor technical operations such as vehicles stuck and fallen trees. A car crashed into a wall in Lavamünd. Hundreds of households without electricity.

The snow missions started on Thursday at 2.05 a.m. A car had come off the lane due to the snowy road on the L135 St.Pauler Straße near the Marktkirche Lavamünd and crashed into a wall. The car was quickly recovered by 15 comrades from the Lavamünd FF, and the road was quickly released again. Fortunately, nobody was injured. 30 more missions followed During the course of the night, but especially in the early hours of Thursday morning, many more accidents occurred throughout Carinthia. “Most of the time it’s a matter of minor accidents, stuck cars and fallen trees. Hundreds of emergency services are deployed throughout the state, ”says the LAWZ. Hundreds of households without electricityThe Italian depression, which brought 25 to 40 centimeters of fresh snow to Carinthia, has already caused power outages in some regions. Hundreds of households are likely to be affected. Above all in the districts of Villach-Land, Spittal / Drau and St. Veit Glan, Kelag is working at full speed on restoring the power supply.
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