Carmen Geiss: Shitstorm for this saying "Dear saudoof and rich"

Well, that was a little awkward. As soon as the new season "Die Geissens – Eine terrible glamorous family" has started, the first shit storm is already hailing. Carmen and Robert Geiss were responsible for it themselves this time, as best they can – because in an interview with RTL, the couple stepped on their toes.

"Dear saudoof and rich than intelligent," Carmen Geiss and husband Robert begin, "and sit at the checkout in the supermarket!" Phew, did you really just say that? One asks the viewer and sees the shit storm already starting to roll.

The answers are actually not long in coming. RTL let a cashier speak. Désirée works at the supermarket checkout and counters in her own way:

I'd rather be a smart cashier than a saudoof capitalist!

But after the humorous start, she gets serious – and reacts without insult, but with a classification: After all, the Geissens don't know what it means to sit at the cash register. Because the work is often not only associated with a lot of pressure, but also with many other tasks: You slip into the role of the customer as a psychologist or cook's assistant. That's why the cashier makes a quick offer to the Geissens:

Dear Robert, dear Carmen! Your statements were far below our standing. I cordially invite you to get to know our profession. Just tell me!

Well, we're excited! We haven't heard of the Geissens yet, but we'd love to see Carmen and Robert Geiss outside their comfort zone. Because you should never judge someone whose story you don't know.

Carmen Geiss: Facts & Figures

  • Carmen Geiss is a German reality character.
  • She was born on May 5, 1965 in Cologne.
  • Carmen Geiss has been married to Robert Geiss since 1994
  • Both became known through the television program "The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family"

sources used: RTL, Instagram