Carnival Cruises now bans "offensive" clothing on cruises


As Fox News reports, the company recently changed the dress code for passengers on board. The reason for the decision is that incidents at other cruise operators caused Carnival Cruise, how to deal with insulting or racist outfits, as a spokesman for the cruise operator said.

The Carnival Cruise website states: "In addition, clothing / accessories must not spread negative ethnic or racist messages or any form of insulting or glorifying violence." All passengers should make sure when choosing their clothes that the outfit is respectful and not offensive or offensive to other guests on board, the company said.

The Miami-based company means nudity, sexist motives and insults.

Cruise passengers should feel comfortable

According to Gulliksen, the change came after the media recently reported several incidents from other cruise operators in which passengers were wearing clothing with threatening or offensive messages, as Vance Gulliksen told Fox News.

"At Carnival, we want to make sure that all of our guests feel comfortable when they drive with us," said Gulliksen.

The dress code is unlikely to harm the cruise boom. Especially since it is still allowed to be on board in a bikini or swimming trunks. Users online criticized the decision in part and emphasized that the cruise industry had far greater problems than clothing regulations due to its poor environmental balance.

Cruises are also booming in Germany

The criticized cruise industry continued to grow in Germany in 2019. Citizens had booked around nine percent more cruises in the past year than in 2018.

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Such an increase was only possible because cruises are still a marginal phenomenon in terms of total trips. Only about 2.5 percent of the 71 million vacation trips are cruises, said tourism expert Martin Lohmann. Nevertheless, the growth of this badly scolded industry shows that the majority of people ignore sustainability when making their booking decisions.