Case in Tyrol – first suspicion of Omikron reported in Austria

It only seemed a question of time when the new, probably much more contagious omicron mutation of the coronavirus will also be detected in Austria. Now this is likely to have occurred faster than experts originally expected: The state of Tyrol has now reported a suspected case in the Schwaz district for the first time.

After the new virus mutation B.1.1.529 has already appeared in other European countries, a positive PCR test result associated with a trip to South Africa is available in the Schwaz district today, Saturday evening. As a result of the initial test by the Innsbruck Virology Department, there is a specific suspicion that it may be the new virus mutation delivered a positive test result. After an initial check of the test sample by the Innsbruck Virology Department, there is now a specific suspicion that it could actually be the new variant. According to their own information, the person concerned has been almost exclusively at home since returning home three days ago and currently has no symptoms, as the country announced. Although the person already has two doses of an mRNA vaccine (either Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna ; Note) received, but the second engraving was already around nine months ago. In any case, the contact persons have been segregated, the country announced in a broadcast. The sample is now being checked by the AGES “The test sample is now being sent to the AGES in Vienna for a corresponding sequencing, in which the virus composition is precisely examined. A result from AGES is expected in the coming days, ”Elmar Rizzoli, head of the Corona task force, explained the further procedure in a broadcast.
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