Cauet once again attacks Angèle and accuses her of not being united: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Relations are far from cordial between Angèle and Cauet. Friday November 8, 2019, the host was very angry with the famous interpreter of Swing your what, then invited to the microphone of his show Cauet on NRJ. Furious, he criticized the 24-year-old artist for botching a filmed message for a fan. "I'm on c **. I asked Angela a hello for a little girl, I had the hello in the world"he lashed live. And the least that can be said is that almost five months later, tensions have not subsided at all.

Cauet puts a layer on Angèle

On Friday, March 20, while hosting his daily program, Cauet revealed that NRJ had asked several artists to help hospital staff. To do this, each of them must give a personal object which, once sold, will raise money for caregivers. "Everyone said yes, except one artist who said no. She has personal reasons, she isn’t affected by this thing, she isn’t affected by much, I don’t know what affects her "said the radio host, before revealing the name of the main interested party."The one who said no is Angela! I find it so stupid to say no when it is to give money, when we are in the middle of an epidemic, that we are not asking to sing, not in concert, just to give an object, it is the only one who said no", he continued with disappointment.

Faced with this new controversy, Angèle wanted to restore her truth. On her Twitter account, the young woman said that she was unable to go to her home because of the confinement. "If I did not accept his request it is because I have been confined, from the start, outside my home, and because I am playing the game of total containment. I will not return to my apartment in Belgium and will not encourage anyone to do it for me. So I have no significant object that I think could speak to people", she wrote in particular on Saturday March 21. Between Angèle and Cauet, the hatchet is far, very far, from being buried.

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