Caught stealing – employee took tons of meat

An employee in a butcher shop in Burgenland who had probably been stealing goods for several years was definitely not vegan. Now she was caught red-handed.

In any case, the suspect had taste: the woman had been employed by one of the top companies in Burgenland. It has more than 150 different meat and sausage products in its range. The employee was apparently also impressed by the high quality of the goods. She had helped herself to meat without permission and simply taken it with her. Caught in the act This was possible for her because she had worked as an order picker in Bernstein. But now she could be stopped. Just as she was about to put another “delivery” into her car, she was caught. Due to the clear evidence, the excuses didn’t help. Theft over the years Now it’s being determined how long the “hard-working” employee has been taking meat with her. It is assumed that the criminal practice could have been going on for several years – which would correspond to several tons of meat and damage amounting to tens of thousands of euros. Perpetrator showed remorse What the Hungarian woman did with the stolen meat is not yet known. She probably sold it in her home country. In any case, after she was caught, she showed remorse and apologized for her actions.
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