“Celebrity Big Brother”: Paco earns a dinner date with Janine Pink

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Paco earns a dinner date with Janine Pink

Janine Pink, “Celebrity Big Brother” winner 2019, on a flying visit to the current show.

© SAT.1 / Willi Weber

As the winner of the non-smoking challenge, Paco Steinbeck was treated to a dinner date with Janine Pink at “Promi Big Brother”.

Surprise for super dealer Paco Steinbeck (46)! After proving that he can do without cigarettes for a day, his “big brother” rewards him with a very special dinner date. In the live show “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1) he will be dining with reality TV star Janine Pink (34) on Sunday (August 22nd, 10:20 pm).

“On the one hand I am of course happy to see Paco and to surprise him. I am excited to see his face,” says Janine in advance and adds: “Then of course I am happy to come back to ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and more or less for a a few minutes to sniff the air of my former home. “

Janine and Paco know each other

The “PBB” participant of the current season and the winner of the seventh season (2019) have known each other for a long time, as Janine said in “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show”. “We were in contact from time to time, now he was with me recently and we were eating pizza.” The 34-year-old is quite impressed: “He was really very nice, courteous and charming. I found him really sympathetic. And then you have to see what happens next.” Before moving into space, Paco Janine even wrote a love letter. And what did it say? “Great woman, dream woman and he means business,” she enumerates and enthuses: “It’s really cute. Which man sits down and writes a letter these days?”

Will she confront him?

And what does Janine hope for from the meeting? “Oh, I hope that Paco will be surprised. I want to give him strength for the last few days and wish him good luck,” she says. But then she also indicates that the reunion could be exciting, because: “How and whether it goes on remains to be seen. I have a few more questions for the gentleman. Because, let’s put it this way: his letter is not that only message that reached me from his environment … “

Paco has kept a secret about his crush from his roommates.