“Celebrity Big Brother”: This candidate disappointed Rafi Rachek

After leaving “Celebrity Big Brother”, Rafi Rachek speaks about challenges and disappointments, among other things.

For the former “Bachelorette” participant Rafi Rachek (31), the adventure “Celebrity Big Brother” was over on Saturday evening. After the former lottery fair Heike Maurer (67), he was the second resident to be voted out. Mimi Gwozdz (27) and Daniel Kreibich (37) voluntarily left the format beforehand. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Rachek tells, among other things, with whom he got along well on TV, who he was disappointed with and how tough the show really was for him.

Mr. Rachek, after leaving “Celebrity Big Brother” you were very upset. How are you now?

Rafi Rachek: It was actually very hard for me emotionally. I was also barely able to sleep at night because I didn’t really understand the whole thing. I still have to realize it, let it sink in. It was actually extremely hard for me to get kicked out.

What was the first thing you did when the cameras finally weren’t there again?

Rachek: My boyfriend and two other friends were there and we first went to McDonald’s. I put in all sorts of things because I’ve been hungry for so many days and we barely had anything to eat. We ate mainly from pasta, toast and Nutella. I also lost a lot of weight. It was very, very bad for the psyche.

How much have you lost approximately?

Rachek: I think five to seven kilos definitely. I was also in the space station for seven to eight days. We really had so little to eat and we froze so often because it was so cold.

You said on the show that the show was a “borderline experience” for you. Was this hunger the toughest thing for you?

Rachek: The hardest part was actually being hungry, but also that the toilet was sometimes for eight or more people – and sometimes sleeping with three to four people in one bed, or when the bright lights go on in the morning and music is on. You couldn’t just switch off in peace, so to speak. We also had so many different characters, some you might like and some you might not like. To be honest, I underestimated that at the beginning. I never expected it to be so hard.

Are you still happy that you participated?

Rachek: I am very happy to be able to take a look behind the scenes and to have participated in a real reality format – and to take something with me, to learn from it and to reflect on myself or to realize everything.

What did you learn from participating?

Rachek: I’ve learned that trust is very, very important and you can’t give it to everyone in reality formats. Also that friendships that arise there are often not forever. That’s for a limited time or for the time you’re in the format. And that in the end you really should stay focused on yourself, go your own way and under no circumstances give up. I had made up my mind never to break off, because it’s a mega blatant format. That’s why I was all the more shocked when I was voted out.

In the first few days, a big topic was that you assumed that there should have been agreements with Melanie Müller and Eric Sindermann before the show began. Do you think that the argument that followed might have had an impact on the audience’s choice now?

Rachek: I think that the action with the saucepan was actually my end and that it was confusing for many viewers. I think many did not understand this at all and asked themselves: “Why is he doing this?” Of course, I still stand behind my statement regarding agreements and that they knew each other, but in the end I wouldn’t do that with the saucepan again. In the end, that was too much.

Who is playing the wrong game in “Celebrity Big Brother”?

Rachek: As I said, I believe that agreements have been reached between Melanie and Eric. I don’t necessarily have to see Melanie again because neither of us can come up with a common denominator. It’s just very special and I am very special. She doesn’t put up with anything and I don’t put up with me at all. Paco is very, very left and uncomfortable as a guy. But I’m also very disappointed with daddies. I comforted him because he got very emotional and cried. He said that he was bullied as a child and that he was often hostile because he was gay. There were many parallels to my life and that’s why I understood him very well. When I found out afterwards that he was happy to hear about my exit, I was of course very shocked.

But did you get to know someone with whom you got along particularly well? Where maybe a real friendship could develop?

Rachek: I got along extremely well with Ina from day one. I think that it will definitely be a friendship too. I also got on very well with Mimi and a friendship will develop. I got along very well with Pascal, whom I knew before. I got along very well with Danny, Gitta and Payton and I found Jörg super authentic, very funny and humorous. He was something of a papa or a grandpa, even if he reprimanded me once or twice. But I still have a lot of respect for him and I find him super entertaining.

Could Jörg Draeger win the show or do you have another favorite?

Rachek: I have several favorites. I see Jörg at the very front. I think he has a really good chance. I also see Gitta way ahead and, in my opinion, Marie also has good chances, as does Uwe.