CES 2024 – Lockly Visage, or the art of unlocking your door without even lifting a finger

If you can now unlock your door by simply showing one hand with Philips, it is perhaps even simpler thanks to Lockly. This American connected lock specialist is presenting a new model with facial recognition at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, bearing the sweet name Visage. With her, all you have to do is show up at the door. The Lockly Visage detects the approaching user and analyzes their face in order to unlock (or not) the door.

Up to 100 storable faces and many more unlocking methods

To recognize a face, the lock obviously needs it to be registered beforehand. It can remember up to 100 and Lockly assures that it can recognize them in less than 2 s, provided it approaches within 80 cm. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is not very forthcoming about the operation of its lock, but our colleagues at The Verge estimate that it relies on two infrared cameras of 2 Mpx each to offer binocular facial recognition.

We imagine that the use of two cameras makes it possible to cross-reference data on several levels and prevent the lock from being stupidly fooled by a simple photo, as many Android smartphones equipped with a simple camera could be. In addition, infrared light should guarantee its operation regardless of light conditions, but will the Face be able to recognize users with glasses, a hat or a cap?

If facial recognition does not work, the Lockly lock offers many other ways to unlock the door: fingerprints, digital code, RFID badge, key… It is even possible to use an Apple Watch since it supports HomeKit, in addition to Matter in wifi.

The Lockly Visage is currently heading to the North American market and will be launched there at a price of $349, but we have little hope of seeing it land here. The model presented at CES is in any case designed for doors across the Atlantic and the manufacturer offers few of its locks for European doors.

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