Chadwick Boseman: Michael B. Jordan mourns his "big brother"

With the death of Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan lost his "big brother", writes the "Black Panther" star on Instagram.

On the screen they have been bitter enemies, but in real life Chadwick Boseman (1976-2020) and Michael B. Jordan (33, "Creed") had a special friendship. This is probably one of the reasons why "Black Panther" opponent Jordan had to take a few days before he publicly reacted to the tragic death of his "big brother". He has now published a long statement on Instagram that shows with every single word how much the loss affects him.

His role model from the start

"I tried to find the right words, but nothing comes close to what I feel," he begins his text. "I wish we had more time. In one of our last conversations you told me that we will be forever connected and the truth behind it now means more to me than ever." Boseman has paved the way for him since the beginning of his career and showed him how to become a good, honorable person.

"What hurts the most is that I only now understand what a legend and hero you really were." Despite his severe cancer, Boseman never gave up and instead cared for the people he "loved most. You took care of your family, your friends, your art, your spirit. You took care of children, ours Community, our culture and humanity. And about me. You're my big brother, but I never really got the chance to tell you that. "

He dedicates his life to it

Boseman's death made Jordan realize in the most painful way how short our time on earth is. He therefore wants to "dedicate the rest of my days to live as you did. With dignity, courage and without remorse."

Boseman, who celebrated his international breakthrough as an actor with his performance of the Marvel hero Black Panther, died last Friday at the age of only 43 of colon cancer, which he was diagnosed around four years ago.