Chit Chat Makeup: Chad, makeup as a means of expression


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Make-up is her passion but also a way to define her own masculinity by breaking out of gender shackles.

A graduate of the Paris Make-up Conservatory, Chad has been working as a professional make-up artist for four years. Today he pushes the limits of makeup by exporting himself to social networks under the name of French Beauty Boy. This character is his way of defending his conviction: makeup has no gender!

In our society, makeup is still very stereotypical, it is only for women. This is the case in all the world of beauty. A man who puts on a day cream or gloss is no less masculine, nor more feminine. Our company likes to put labels on everything, on objects and on people. However, in reality, things are changing. We wear makeup for fun, to express ourselves, without discrimination of sex.

Make-up now transgresses the gender barrier, and that’s good!

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