Choosing a Montessori bed for your baby


To encourage your child's autonomy from an early age, you want to provide a Montessori bed in their bedroom. What is it and what are the different possible models? We tell you everything!

As you know, Montessori pedagogy, developed by Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century, is focused on the quest for autonomy of each child in his everyday life, in his daily actions. And this autonomy is also acquired in his room, where baby spends most of his time! It is therefore a question of allowing him to be able to go to bed and get up from his bed when he wishes and to regulate his sleep himself, thanks to a mattress placed on the floor. We can see your parents' eyes widening from here: no need to worry, a baby who has always been used to a bed on the floor will have no problem sleeping because he will be tired and because for him, his bed will not amount to a punishment.

At what age to offer a Montessori bed to your child?

As with all the principles of the Montessori method, you will do as you wish and your mom's feelings. As soon as you think that baby is ready to take over his room, upon returning from maternity or after a few months, you will set up a space dedicated to sleep in his room, by installing a small mattress on the floor. This will be preferable to a crib because your baby will then be able to view his room in its entirety, without obstruction. It is also preferred to a standard bed with frame because later, he will be able to get up and go to bed by himself.


In order not to stimulate your child too much before sleeping, it will also be advisable to avoid placing a mobile over his bed.

How to arrange a Montessori bed?

As soon as your child can get out of bed on his own, especially when his motor development allows him to roll sideways, you can place a soft mat right next to his mattress for a soft landing. You will take advantage of this additional comfort when you read stories to your child or sing songs to him in the evening before sleeping, next to his bed.

When he can move around, baby will play explorers and his whole room will become a much more interesting playground than a simple cot! It will then be necessary to guarantee its safety in its room, by hiding in particular the electrical outlets, by fixing the various pieces of furniture to the wall and by preventing that heavy objects do not fall on him. You can also, at first, install a barrier across the door so that it does not endanger itself in another room of the house. Gates may also be placed on other doors such as the kitchen and bathroom doors, and near the stairs.

Since the mattress of a Montessori bed is placed on the floor, it should be ventilated regularly by placing it on its side against the wall.

Which mattress to choose for a Montessori bed?

You will understand, the mattress is of capital importance for a Montessori bed, since it is quite simply its only component! Its quality must therefore be impeccable for sleeping and therefore perfect sleep, and its dimensions must always be adapted to the size of its child to follow its development. Foam or latex mattress, parents will choose according to their desires and their budget, making sure that it is obviously comfortable, but also breathable and why not antibacterial.

Which Montessori bed for a larger child?

When your child is old enough to get in and out of his bed without difficulty, around the age of 2-3 years, you can then prefer a larger bed, always placed on the floor, without drawer and without frame, but with a box spring for better ventilation of the mattress. For more security, parents are of course free to install a bed barrier that could reassure them.

For a more playful version of the Montessori bed that remains, it must be admitted, very refined, you can choose a more original model that will still accompany your child in his quest for autonomy. We thus think of the famous cabin bed, whose name alone makes you want to find refuge there and which looks like a small house.

Some models of Montessori cabin beds

Many models of cabin beds are available in store or online, you will be spoiled for choice, with a preference for cabin models in light natural wood like pine, or painted in pastel colors, both sweet and delicious, or white for more light in the bedroom.
The price of a cabin bed will obviously vary depending on the quality of the wood used and will generally be around 200 €.

A model that makes us look? The pine tree house bed “Maison” from the brand Petite Amélie, available on its online store in two colors: natural and white wood, size 80x160cm, ideal for a first large bed. This pretty cabin bed also includes a slatted base for better ventilation. Its price: € 199 for delivery without mattress, and € 338 with mattress.

Another option: the Helio Baby cabin bed from the Jurassian brand, available on its online store, a Montessori and ecological natural wood color bed, in the shape of a house, made of pine and which includes a slatted base, size 70×140 cm. You can also add an optional drawer for older children. Its price: 259 € for a delivery in kit to assemble yourself and without mattress.
You will also have the choice between many items at all prices on the Amazon site, with some cabin beds with integrated barriers if you prefer.

Ask your child's advice to make it easier for them to invest their bed so that sleeping does not mean punishment or abandonment.

Some models of Montessori teepee beds

Always on the same principles of the Montessori method, there are also teepee beds, just as fun, which look more like a tent. A decorating mom will no doubt appreciate the Teepee model from the Nordic Factory brand, a single bed that will follow your child for a long time, ultra stylish with its mixture of white and natural wood. You can find it on the File online store in your for € 192.
Parents and children alike, opinions will also be unanimous on the Siffroy model available in white or gray on the La Redoute online store. A teepee single bed sold with box spring and which can be closed completely with its fabric tent roof. We love ! Its price: € 299.

Which Montessori bed for children over 6 years old?

For children over 6 years old, we can obviously choose a more raised bed with for example a storage drawer always practical on the underside, and even a bed, cabin or not, bunk, with ladder that will make your child happy while optimizing the space of his room. Do not hesitate to ask him for his opinion by making him choose between several models, so that he appreciates all the more his bed – and perhaps even chooses to make the fatty mat regularly in it!

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