Christian Eriksen: “We managed to bring Christian Eriksen back”

Christian Eriksen
“We managed to bring Christian Eriksen back”

National soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed during the game.

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Denmark’s team doctor Martin Boesen praises the “quick help” for the collapsed soccer star Christian Eriksen. He is still “stable”.

After the Danish national soccer player Christian Eriksen (29) collapsed on the field during his team’s European championship match against Finland on Saturday in Copenhagen shortly before the end of the first half, resuscitation measures had to be initiated. The game was later resumed. Then Denmark’s team doctor Martin Boesen explained at a press conference showing “Bild” in full lengthhow he experienced the dramatic moments.

“We were called to the square when Christian went down. I didn’t see it exactly, but it was clear that he was unconscious. When I came to him, he was lying on his side, he was breathing and I felt his pulse, “said Boesen. But suddenly the situation changed. “And as everyone has seen, we started to revive him,” he summarized.

“There was very quick help from the medical team”

Martin Boesen also praised the first aiders. “There was very quick help from the medical team and the rest of the helpers. With their help, we did what was necessary,” he said. Christian Eriksen was brought off the field in front of the shocked audience. After a while, the European and Danish Football Associations said that the 29-year-old was in a “stable” condition and was “awake” in hospital. “We managed to get Christian back. He spoke to me before he was taken to the hospital for further treatment,” said Boesen.

The game was continued at the request of the two teams. Finland won 1-0.

How is Christian Eriksen today?

The Danish Football Association posted an update on the Health status of Christian Eriksen on Twitter. “We spoke to Christian Eriksen this morning, who sends his regards to his teammates. His condition is stable and he will remain in the hospital for further examinations,” it said.

As the statement goes on to say, the team and employees of the national team have received crisis support. In addition, the association would like to thank Christian Eriksen for the many loving greetings.