Christina Aguilera: Singer shows her big birthday the middle finger

Christina Aguilera
Singer shows her middle finger on her milestone birthday

Christina Aguilera celebrated 40th birthday.

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Christina Aguilera was 40 years old for a few days. So what? The singer has a clear gesture ready for her new age.

Christina Aguilera ("Burlesque") started a new year on December 18th. From her 40th birthday, however, the singer and actress seems anything but let down. She made a clear announcement for the milestone anniversary with a picture on Instagram. The viewer may first notice the many sparkling rings on her hands, but the second look is crucial.

Aguilera stretches her two middle fingers in the air in the photo. The numbers "4" and "0" can be seen on the blue painted nails. The artist seems to make it clear: The new phase of life cannot affect her. She is armed.