Christmas present for girlfriend: Top 14 to surprise

Whether personal, creative or practical, Christmas gifts for girlfriends are not always easy to find. GALA has therefore presented a few gift ideas with which you can definitely make your girlfriend happy for Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the annual question: “Who am I giving presents for Christmas this year and with what?” It is well known that women love all kinds of gifts, not every woman, but almost every one. The contemplative time is just right to get a nice Christmas present for your girlfriend. There is a high probability that you will have a happy party one day.

But do you actually know what your girlfriend wants? Has she ever made a request or asked you? With our inspirations and ideas, you will definitely find a nice and, above all, special Christmas present for your girlfriend – even without asking her beforehand, because nobody knows your girlfriend as well as you do. Trust your gut feeling and surprise them at the party.

Christmas present for your girlfriend: you are guaranteed to find something here

1. 6-minute diary

This is especially popular this year 6-minute diary. It takes away the stress of everyday life, creates more relaxation and mindfulness and focuses more on the good things during the day, because positive well-being is important, but unfortunately often falls short. With this diary that changes. Definitely a Christmas present for your friend that will put a smile on her face every day.

2. Bio-hyaluronic serum

You can’t go wrong with this Christmas present for your girlfriend: Organic hyaluronic serum. The serum is free from additives, parabens, silicones, fillers and artificial fragrances. It supplies the skin with sufficient moisture and supports the formation of collagen, so that the skin looks younger and wrinkle-free. And it is also great as a base for make-up.

3. Eye pads

Women love to be pampered and to give the body a break. With these Eye pads support your girlfriend. The best thing about it: The pads help against dark circles, bags under the eyes and the first wrinkles and even promise an immediate effect. And if you are really nice to your girlfriend, you can certainly take part in her beauty day and try out the eye pads yourself.

4. Remington hair straighteners

Hair styling products are always popular with women, including this one Remington straightening irons. Thanks to the high-quality double-layer ceramic coating with silk proteins, your hair will be velvety smooth and shiny and not damaged as much as with similar heat products. The bestseller is suitable for both thin and thick hair and produces super beautiful results.

5. bracelet

Are fashion accessories your girlfriend’s absolute must-have? Then make them happy with it. here you are sure to find the right Christmas present for your girlfriend to make her shine and sparkle even more. Guaranteed!

6 o’clock

Is it on your friend’s wish list that she wants a new watch? Well then, meet her. here you get a great overview of great offers that are not only worthwhile at Christmas. Psst … beautiful ladies’ watches are also included!

7. Studs

Most women love jewelry. That’s why not only chic bracelets and watches are a Christmas present for your girlfriend, but also beautiful ear studs. You know best what your girlfriend loves, get yourself here an overview and give away sparkling moments on the festival of love.

8. Massage pillow

Your girlfriend is often tense and has a lot of stress in everyday life? What she needs now is relaxation and time for herself – and that is what she gets with this one Massage pillow. The device is suitable for the neck, shoulder and back and, in addition to the 3D rotating massage heads, also has a heat function. Perfect Christmas present for your friend to do her good!

9. Cookbook

Cookbooks are a dime a dozen, and men and women are quickly overwhelmed. This is a really great cookbook that we can recommend to you as a Christmas present for your girlfriend if a healthy, balanced and natural diet is particularly important to her here by Pamela Reif. The recipes are easy and straightforward. Once the ingredients have been purchased, they can be used for several recipes.

10. Herbal gift set

Does your girlfriend love to cook? Perfect, then the best Christmas present has actually already been found for you. With the Gift set from Ankerkraut she can refine her dishes at any time as she likes it best, because the set includes Italian herbs, smoked paprika powder and a herb butter spice.

11. Sandwich maker

On some days your girlfriend wants a really delicious sandwich like she was on vacation or recently with her friends? Then this is it 3-in-1 sandwich maker probably the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend. And the best: It’s not just a sandwich maker, it’s also a waffle iron and contact grill at the same time. Simply use the respective grill plate – and the dish of your choice is ready!

12. Golden milk

The hype surrounding Golden Milk is still incredibly high. Why those Spice mix is so popular? Golden Milk provides energy, but at the same time has a relaxing effect and prevents many diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, rheumatism or even cancer. It’s definitely a great Christmas present for your girlfriend – and it’s damn tasty too.

13. Juicer

What could be more delicious than freshly squeezed juice in the morning and in between? Of the Severin juicer is a real bestseller – and it also ensures a healthy break. Gone are the many unhealthy ready-made juices, because from now on she knows what is really in her nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices.

14. Avocado planting kit

Does your girlfriend love avocados? Then this should Plant set definitely lie under your Christmas tree as a Christmas present. The AvoSeedo can last for years, is very durable and super easy to use because it requires minimal attention.

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